Visiting a church for the first time can be a bit intimidating. We get that.

Often there’s some degree of trepidation in walking through those doors. What's on the other side? Well, there's a fresh pastry if you'd like... and a cup of coffee or a bottled water... and a smile too. We have a favor to ask you when you come to visit: Relax and enjoy!  We are a genuinely friendly people and we desire for your experience to be a positive and uplifting one.


Where to park?

We have parking available on the street directly in front our building or in our parking lot just to the left of our building.


What to wear?

We are a casual church. Our pastor and worship leader likes to wear jeans but if you came in a sport jacket or a dress, you'd still feel just fine because we're not picky about this kind of stuff.


Should I bring a Bible?

If you own a Bible it would be a good idea to bring it. Our pastor doesn't preach messages as much as he teaches. He will refer to the Bible often and he will even encourage you to mark it up as your life-textbook. If you don’t have one, just grab one in the back... along with a pen if you like to take notes. A note sheet is provided for you in the bulletin.


Can I bring my coffee into the Sanctuary? 

Yep. Grab a cup and head on in!


Where do my children go?

For youth:

* Our youth stay in the service until after worship, where they will go with our Student Ministries Pastor to their most awesome service.

For children:

* Upon arrival, sign your children into "Kid Zone". The sign-up sheet is in the foyer. (Of course, you can opt to keep them with you in the service as well.)

After signing them in, you can either walk them to the children's area or have a staff member walk them.

For infants:

* Please feel comfortable enjoying the worship portion of the service and then enjoy the message from the "cry room" which is conveniently located at the back of the sanctuary.