Pastor Paul Bartelme, Lead Pastor… studied Music and Business at Southern Oregon State College. He also studied Ministry and Biblical Studies at Calvary Chapel Bible College in the early 90’s in Vista, Ca, yet it would be inaccurate to pin him down as a “Calvary-ite” due to serving on staff at both denominational and non-denominational churches that represent different worship and preaching styles as well as different philosophies in ministry.

A wide range of past ministerial accomplishments have included a 3,000+ weekly audience for his online sermon broadcast on SermonCompanion.com and a column writing gig called "Setting the Record Straight" for Escondido California's weekly newspaper, the Times-Advocate.

Paul is ordained with Grace International, a denomination that comprises of 3,400 churches in 102 countries.


Paul and his wife Danica... have been in ministry together for 25 years, the last 14 years as lead pastors. Their work has resulted in ministries that advance the Kingdom on an international level, notably in the establishment of Ghana Africa's first private Christian school www.plrghanaafrica.org.

Paul and Danica have been married for 24 3 years and they just moved to West Allis, Milwaukee, WI. They have three children age 14 and under… Jacob (14), Lily (12), and Luke (11).


Danica Bartelme, Worship Arts Director… studied Art at Santa Monica College and Music at Mira Costa Community College in Vista, Ca, as well as Missions and Theology “a little here, a little there, a little everywhere” as she likes to put it.

As a missionary, Danica was trained through Y.W.A.M. (Youth With A Mission) and served on missionary teams throughout the Middle East in acting troupes and street evangelism activities. She also served on a team that built a church in Thailand with Candlelight Ministries affiliated with Rich Mullins.

When Danica was 8 years old she was mesmerized by a worship leader on the platform totally immersed in the Lord’s presence at a church service. It was at that moment that she realized her calling as a worship minister and has been operating in that capacity for decades now in various churches representing different styles of worship from traditional hymns to contemporary songs.

Vicki Martens, "Kid Zone" Coordinator... studied Early Childhood Education at Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI and graduated with honors from Milwaukee Area Technical College with a degree in Child Care Development. Miss Vicki worked in the daycare industry until she retired and she also has been teaching at Sunday Schools for 20+ years. 

Although her rich and varied experience is awesome, the most impressive aspect of her life is her devotion to Jesus. Miss Vicki knows how special children are to Him and she wants to make sure that every child knows how amazing they are and that they are capable of accomplishing amazing things for God!

Miss Vicki loves to put together creative and memorable lessons for the children at "Kid Zone" and she loves to make her lessons fun too!


Miss Vicki and her staff's promise to you...

1. Provide a safe, clean, and loving environment.

2. Teach kids about God's love.

3. Pray for the kids and their family members.

4. Only have workers who love kids and have been background checked.

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